World-class DeWi Products. Made Simple.

MosoLabs unleashes the power of the Helium 5G blockchain to help users create an open incentivized network that they own and control.

■ Purchase and install your MosoLabs Small Cell + FreedomFi Gateway
■ Earn Helium crypto
■ Grow your Helium 5G network

Help Build the Decentralized Network by People for People.

MosoLabs unleashes the power of the Helium blockchain with exceptional products that make it easy to build and grow networks that you own and control.

Earn Crypto as Your Network Grows.

And like the bamboo we are named for — Moso — you can grow your network quickly. The faster your network grows, the more Helium crypto you can earn. A stronger, more reliable connection for everyone.

Easy to Buy. Easy to Install. Easy to Grow Your Network.

MosoLabs offers two high quality, reliable, and secure small cells — bundled with FreedomFi Gateways — that get you started fast and earning crypto sooner — with more great products on the way soon.

Connect on Your Own Terms

From beginners to advanced users, MosoLabs innovations make it easy for people from all walks of life to join the decentralized network movement and start earning crypto sooner with our streamlined buyer experience, guaranteed shipping, and over the top customer service.

Crypto Enthusiasts and Everyday People

• Help the greater good by joining the DeWi movement
• Earn crypto without even trying

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