M o s o L a b s

The open, blockchain-powered wireless network movement is changing the way the world communicates. Individuals. Businesses. Crypto developers. Broadband providers. Mosolabs is proud to empower people everywhere to participate in this brave new world, and excited about creating value for our customers and partners.

MosoLabs: Better Communications. Better Communities.

Named for Earth's fastest growing plant — moso bamboo — MosoLabs designs and distributes innovative hardware and software that helps people from all walks of life build and use open, blockchain-powered wireless networks that reward them with crypto as they grow. Founded by telecom and wireless industry veterans and headquartered in San Jose, California, MosoLabs' mission is to make it easy for anyone to participate in — and profit from — growing DeWi networks with our plug-and-play products such as small cells, witness devices, cameras, and more.  

Pioneer The Movement!

As pioneers in the blockchain-powered wireless network movement, MosoLabs customers have a unique opportunity to define the future of communication for billions of people across the planet. All while benefiting from an exciting new world of products that enhance your quality of life and pay for themselves in the process. What that future looks like and how it unfolds is up to you. But only if you're part of the movement. Won't you join us? MosoLabs is here to help!


The Helium Network is the fastest-growing decentralized wireless network, democratizing access to the internet worldwide. Launched in Austin, Texas, in 2019, the Network has since been deployed in over 67K cities, providing open-sourced and affordable coverage worldwide. Alongside the current IoT deployment, Helium is evolving into a Network of Networks adding ecosystem support for new networks such as 5G, WiFi, and VPN.



Pollen Mobile is the world’s next generation mobile network that is owned and operated by its users. Earn PollenCoin ($PCN) by deploying a Moso or Moso Bonzai Flower and expanding the coverage of the Pollen network. Use the Pollen network to get coverage where you need with Pollen SIMs. MosoLabs Flowers are here!