MosoLabs builds products that empower people to build state-of-the-art private networks and use open, decentralized, blockchain-powered wireless. We are your trusted provider of any CBRS focused devices to help you get started and grow your network.

■ Purchase and install the MosoLabs products of your choice
■ Determine your own network coverage cost effectively 
■ If running on a blockchain based network, get reward for your network deployment and utilization!

A Secured Wireless Network Build For You And By You

MosoLabs unleashes your business potential by allowing you to build a reliable blazing fast wireless network for your own business site. Running on state-of-the art private network solutions or blockchain-powered DeWi networks such as Helium or Pollen , our exceptional products make it easy to build and grow networks that you own and control.

More than building the network.
Use the Network

With CBRS benefits of long range of secured data transfer, MosoLabs' products enables efficient property and business operational management in various industries.  Free yourself from the hurdle of costly installation process that often accompanied by high maintenance fees.  Monitor every corner of your business sites on your fingertips.

Pollen Greenhouse

MosoLabs’ radios are built for Pollen Greenhouse, the next evolution of the Pollen mobile network. It moves the mobile core from on-site hardware (AGW) to the cloud which drastically reduces the complexity of setting up Flowers. Learn more about Greenhouse.

Helium Ecosystem Partners

MosoLabs Helium small cells are plug-and-play certified to work with "Powered By FreedomFi" Gateways - FreedomFi Gateway and Bobcat Bobber 500. All built to work together to simplify your Helium 5G experience so you can start earning $MOBILE sooner. Learn more about Helium 5G.

Hospitality Reinvented

Tether and secure your Airbnb listings anywhere

Retail Business Friendly

Protect and untap your revenue potential

Get Outdoorsy

Stay Connected. Manage your campground and ADU with ease


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