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Available 2023

Choose a Video Solution with
Long-range and Secure Connectivity

Having a difficult time installing a large-covered WiFi network or worrying about paying the big telecoms high monthly data plans? MosoLabs' CBRS network solution could be the right solution for your properties! Suitable for use cases with multi-flooring, large footprint, and outdoor perimeter property monitoring, a CBRS-based video solution brings you the convenient installation with peace of mind that tough corners requiring your attention are easily within your grasp.

Reward Your Peace of Mind
on DeWi Networks

With the bloom of the decentralized wireless networks powered by blockchain technology, you can be rewarded for using the network you helped build. Be rewarded for traffic traversing your deployed radios including CBRS cameras that help protect the people and things you care about most.

For more information about DeWi networks, check out Helium.


Great News for Small Business Owners, Airbnb Hosts, and Vacation Home Managers

Managing your own coffee shops, a vacation home, or an Airbnb listing? MosoLabs got your covered! Drop the high installation costs of drilling walls for wiring ethernet cable or placing WiFi extenders causing spotty coverages at the building corners. Simply connect an indoor or outdoor small cell online based on your needs for range, the Moso cameras will include 2 years of Moso Trellis protection plan and 20GB of CBRS wireless data usages. Power on the cameras, connect, and relax knowing your properties are well guarded.

Video Solution Subscription Plan

Moso Trellis

60-day video clip storage

AI event recording and snapshot notification

$3/camera/month, or $120 unlimited camera/home

2-year subscription subsidized in MSRP

20GB data included expiring in 2 years

Moso Trellis Pro

24/7 recording stored on the SD card (sold separately)

180-day video clip storage

AI event recording and snapshot notification

Cross-camera AI Target Search


MosoLabs Subscription Plan Disclaimer

By purchasing Moso Leaf video devices, users agree to be automatically enrolled into the subsidized Moso Trellis tier plan, with the option to upgrade to the Moso Trellis Pro tier. Similarly, users agree to become Helium Mobile subscribers when accessing the 20GB prepaid data and hereby grant MosoLabs the right to share the names, emails, or phone numbers to Nova Labs used during checkout or Trellis registration. The Helium Mobile plan enrollment will be processed by Nova Labs and completed separately. The enrollment status of the Helium Mobilem, however, will not impeded the 20GB prepaid data usage.  Helium Mobile terms and conditions apply when using Moso Leaf video devices on the Helium network.

Product Details

Table Name

Leaf Doorbell

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Leaf Camera

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FHD (1920 x 1800) Resolution

4-Megapixel Image Sensor

Water-Resistant Protection

Full Duplex Two- Way Audio

Moso Trellis Pro

 360 view display

Solar Panel


People / Counting

Object Tracking